July 16, 2006


I certainly don't recommend them for breakfast, like I did, but T.G.I. Friday's "Mozzarella snack sticks original flavor" are no where near as bad as one would expect.

Despite a strong waft of something pouncing my nose when I opened the bag, the experience was otherwise fairly crunchy, powdery and taste-wise, non-descript. Consistency (though smaller size) of those "cheesy poufs," or "cheese doodles."

Certainly nothing like battered and deep-fried sticks of cheese.

One of my most common snacks is hummous. The grocery store varietyis OK. Kroger recently had them ten for $10, quite a reduced rate from the usual $4ish.

Original is the best*, with roasted garlic coming in second. The Greek Style tastes meaty, somehow. And sort of...fizzes, like those Dorito lime chips, on your tonuge.

Rice crackers
tomato slices
carrot sticks
rolled in a corn tortilla shell

Hummous is very versatile and healthy.

Definately more so than "mozzarella snack sticks."

*I don't follow a recipe, I get a bowl and mash up chickpeas, fresh garlic, olive oil, tahini and lemon juice - sometimes olives - until it tastes good. I like it chunky.

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