November 21, 2006

Are you one of the chosen few?

The blessed? Oh ye who live near a Whole Foods?

If you are, you are prepared, if you do not. Have a seat. And behold:

their gluten-free bakery

Yes, that's right. Pies. Rolls. Muffins. Banana bread. Biscuits.

Yes. Biscuits.

Smallish and thin biscuits, but they taste like biscuits. They are good. Expensive, but good. My mom gets them, and saves them in the freezers for emergencies (like a bad day, or a migraine).

And the praririe bread? I almost don't miss pumpernickel. Still the little gluten-free sized slices, but big on taste, big on texture and consistency, toasts up like normal bread...if you are one of the chose few, let me know, ok? I have a shopping list.

cheese and macaroni?

Me and Kraft had a thing for years and years...when I went to college, my mom would send me institution sized packages of Kraft macaroni and cheese. I learned to add tunafish, broccoli - spinach, when they came out with the white one...none of that Velveeta nonsense. Blech.

Gluten-free is many things, convenient not one of them. GF mac and cheese meant cooking pasta, melting cheese...sure, with enough butter and cheese it was great. But what if you don't feel like donning an apron?

What if you feel like macaroni and cheese? Don't get this, if you do. If there was a word in the dictionary to describe "bland," I'd use it. The little macaronis' are the right shape and size, but the powdered cheese is...powder. Flavourless powder.

And it had this...smell. Leftovers got garlic, black olives, yellow pepper and a salmon filet and another thumbs down.