August 13, 2006

Two more Amy's...

Amy's Gluten Free Rice Mac and Cheese


At first.

I cooked it stovetop, figuring it'd be quicker than the 30 min. stove time. First few licks at the cheese on the spoon I stirred it with were "mmm...creamy..." but now, a little over half way through, I don't really want anymore - filling, though.

The pasta got that sort dente toughness to it, and the cheese flavour wore off quickly.

It could be doctored, but at $3.99, for a single serving, I could make my own.

Amy's Gluten Free Garden Vegetable Lasagna

Not a lot of sauce, but the filling is moist, so it's not dry at all. The noodles were good, tasted "normal."

Nothing really stands out. It just sort of tastes like mass-produced lasagna. But it does have a certain freshness to it. Sometimes those microwave meals can taste more like cardboard than food, but not this one.

Worth five bucks? Nah. If they went on sale, I'd buy them to keep them at work for snacks, but otherwise I'll stick with my own snacks.

Amy's still leads the charge into gluten-free ease, though, that's for sure!

Like avacado and mango diced up in a bowl, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yum!

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