July 9, 2006

Enjoy Life granola

This cereal is HORRIBLE. I apologize if any of the creator's read this, but this cereal is just terrible.

The smell. The taste - or lack thereof.

I tried it with milk. Soy milk. Yogurt and added fresh fruits.

The phrase "like cardboard" is bandied about often, referring to bland food, but this cereal actual does taste like chewing cardboard.

The funny thing is, I was talking to my mom and she mentioned she'd tried a granola recently, that was just horrible. It was this one!

On the back of the box, there's a muffin recipe. Unable to eat it anymore as a cereal, I thought, "Why not? It can't be any worse!!"

Smells bad cooking, too. Followed directions to a T (even adding the salt, which I've never done with recipes), and mixing things seperately.

Used soy milk, it said milk or "milk substitute. The recipe suggested adding fresh fruit, so I stirred in some frozen fruit.

I turned off the oven at 30 mintues (recommended time), they didn't seem quite done. I figured they'd contine to cook as the oven cooled (and I took a shower), so I just turned the oven off and went out.

I returned home later and pulled them out of the oven. They looked like mini fallen souffles. Too much fruit? The recipe didn't give an exact measure, so I added the whole bag. Tasted retty much like the cereal.

Maybe toasted, with some butter, they'd have that "healthy" taste to them...like, they're not bad, they're just good in a "healthy tasting" sort of way.

The next morning I baked them a little more, but it didn't change anything. Still mushy - not uncookedy, just mushy.

I just tossed the rest of the batter, and will toss the reast of the cereal - all crumbs, now. Bad taste. Bad texture. Bad buy.

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