February 22, 2012

Splurge on a fancy thingie ma bob for raw food and french fries...

Being raw is annoying, it's expensive and requires expensive toys. For a while I had the Joyce Chen "spiral slicer" in my Amazon wishlist.

Years later, when a certain wonderful woman became hip to the whole raw thing (read: my mom, gluten-free since 1985!!), I had my dad get her the "nicer" version,

And it is fun. I've run zucchini, carrots and squash through it.

Pros: It comes with different blades for different shapes/lengths. It's simple.

Cons: You do have to slice the stuff to fit into it, but that seems to be the norm. The slicings come right out of the bottom. The Chen model seems to have a capturing device. With the Benriner it goes right onto the counter. You have to stop and clear the blade and the deposit (does that sound gross?), but you also have a limited size of veg to work with, so it's not really a big deal.

I used the stuff I spiralized for raw salads, sauteed veggie sides with steak, and vegan pizza toppings.

The pizza topping was definitely my favorite. I thought it might be bitter, and too vegetable tasting, but the carrot and zucchini softened and sweetened up in the oven, and made me feel A-OK about the crusty Namaste tomato cheesy goodness that ensconced it.

Plus: there's little you can't use the Benriner Cook Helper for, whether it's making fancy garnishes for sashimi platters or raw fries for Buffalo wings. Highly

Do you have a spiralizer tool? What's your favorite thing to slice up? Fess up, do you deep fry parsnips? Have a good recipe for a raw zucchini "pasta" alfredo sauce? Share!

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