February 23, 2012

Oatmeal is so gross! But so good for you. But so gross! But...wait, good??

Oatmeal...super healthy! Good for your bowels! Sexy breakfast, in an old-fashioned, Irish kind of way...

Bernard's fate could've been avoided with a little more oatmeal.

 It's just not good. Gummy. Bland. Sticky and boring. Tried some Bob's Red Mill GF oats...that bag lasted a year or two.I made it with milk, cream. Added all manner of fruits and sugar. Waffles are just so much better!

I don't buy a lot of gluten-free stuff (because it's expensive) but I'm always interested in new stuff - especially when it's on sale. I guess it was the sale crazies ("but it's 83.56% off!!") that put this in my basket:

Bakery On Main makes my favorite granola, so I figured it'd be worth a shot - plus, it'd be a good one for travel since it just needs hot water.

Small size for a purse, glove compartment, etc. If you're gluten-free, never leave home without a snack on stand-by!

Couldn't be easier to make:

You can't tell here, but there's strawberry bits a-plenty

Turns out, it's just a good one, period!! Super strawberry-y, just enough sweetness to make it

a) not awful and
b) palatable for someone like me, who doesn't really like sweet-sugary food.

Creamy, too, without being gummy  - and with just water. I have a feeling the extra, non-eat ingredients help:

Not to mention the health boost of chia and flaxseed

I also like reading backstories of GF products, especially over the past few years as "gluten-free" has become a buzzword and a diet fad - I like to support old school, independent companies as much as I can.

 this guy Michael Smulders sounds pretty cool

 There's plain and apple cinnamon, too, but I have a feeling I will stick with Strawberry Shortcake. Die-hards like Gluten Hates Me can have their bowls of hand-crafted oats, Bakery On Main's instant is good enough for me! Thanks, sale crazies!

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